Yoga on a Student Budget


One of the biggest struggles I have as a student trying to stay in shape is budgeting in the classes. Gym memberships, studio fees, and even the buy at home equipment/DVD’s can get really costly! When it comes to specials, Groupons, LivingSocials, discount-whatevers, I always try to take advantage of them. In addition, a lot of studios (especially yoga studios!) offer new member specials as well as student discount prices on single classes and package rates.

So, with that being said, I love rotating around yoga studios when I find an intro special (some are free!) and try to save money. Another plus is that this is a great idea when on vacation–my family rented a house in New Jersey for a week last summer, and I found a yoga studio that offered a $15 unlimited week for new students. If you live in a huge city like DC, there are tons of yoga studios to take advantage of!

Of course, there is a limit to this, but if you’re a diehard yoga fan like me, you’ll eventually find your preferred yoga studio and want to commit, and at that point you can take advantage of the student class package discounts.

This week I am trying out a free week at Core Power Yoga, a studio that offers heated practices and is conveniently located in Georgetown (BONUS: There is currently a Groupon deal happening for $69 for one month of unlimited yoga for new students!)

With all of these great deals out there, if you’re a dedicated yogi or newbie who wants to try it out for the first time… happy practicing and namaste!


Below are the student specials and tips at some of my favorite yoga studios within walking distance of GW’s campus:

541033_544740262227102_1744188245_nBikram Yoga (1635 Connecticut Avenue Northwest)
New Student Special: $20 for first week of unlimited yoga
Drop-in price:  $15 for students
10-class pack: $155 for students
Tip: the 30 day unlimited for students is $110, so if you can fit in a minimum of ten sessions a month, it is cheaper to purchase the unlimited special.

424_118_core_power_largeCore Power Yoga (1055 Thomas Jefferson St NW)
New Student Special: One Free Week of Yoga
Drop-in price:  $15 for students
10-class pack: $139 for students
Tip: This studio also has “weighted yoga,” which is a fusion of regular yoga postures with the addition of free weights.


photo-1Down Dog Power Yoga (1046 Potomac St NW)
New Student Special: Unlimited Introductory Month for $50
Drop-in price: $12 for students
10-class pack: $150 (it’s cheaper to pay $12 student drop-in)
Tip: Fridays at 4pm they have a “community class,” which is essentially a regular yoga class taught by instructors that are in the process of becoming certified. These classes have a student discount of $6!

yogo_ompeYoga District (19th and I St. NW and various other locations)
New Student Special: two classes in one week for $11
Drop-in price: $11 (no student special)
10-class package: $97 for students
Tip: if you’re super dedicated to yoga, you can join their “Yoga Intern” program where you volunteer two hours a week tidying the studio and signing in students in exchange for unlimited, free yoga.


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8 thoughts on “Yoga on a Student Budget

  1. huangtonsoup says:

    i used to love yoga but then stopped for a few years, and i’m now severely not flexible. I’ve been trying to get back into it, though, so this is great!

  2. This is fantastic – I’ve been wanting to try Core Power Yoga since I heard about their special for new students. I did yoga in high school, but have always wanted to try hot yoga. Looking forward to hearing what you thought about the class!

  3. Jared Nakasone says:

    So last year one of my friends convinced to me to go with her to do hot yoga. I was a little skeptical because 1) I only see girls doing yoga and 2) yoga in 95+ degree weather did not sound enticing. However, I went with her to Down Dog Yoga and it turned out to be a really great experience. I enjoyed the workout. I was soaking in sweat, yet my body did not hurt, it felt relaxed!

  4. paulapr92 says:

    Ahh this is so great! I have been dying to try Yoga out, but didn’t know where to go! Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. Kirstie M. says:

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve also been trying to find affordable yoga classes here in D.C. I get anxious so easily, so I really need to get into one.

  6. leenoyc says:

    I started doing Yoga this summer, and I absolutely love it! I just never know where to go on/near campus, and it’s hard to find the time during the week to do it. These tips are great, definitely planning on trying some of these places out!

  7. […] to what you would find at an actual yoga studio (see last week’s yoga studio review here!) However, I normally prefer to go to an outside studio because they tend to do more advanced poses […]

  8. […] I’m an avid yogi currently practicing at Corepower Yoga (check out my past yoga blog here) but I do not know much about the history of yoga or its prominent relevance to Indian […]

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