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One of the greatest motivations for me to work out and eat healthy is actually social media! Instagram to be precise. I often find myself looking at “fitspiration” pages of people in killer shape, as well as food insta’s that show the most delicious looking smoothies and snacks. Normally, if I look long enough, sometimes it even causes me to go to the gym or bake something healthy. While no calories are burned from scrolling and “liking,” it still keeps me in the right mindset. If anyone wants to follow some of my favorite fitspo pages, here is a guide to a few of my favorites!

The Best Exercise Resources:

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1. @censkiii is probably my favorite Instagram out of the entire bunch. The best part is that she posts quick videos of her workouts that can be translated into a half an hours work for me at the gym. She gives demos of each action, and then the number of reps and the amount of times you should go through the motion. She does a lot of core routines as well as other HIIT weight exercises. Two weeks ago she showed a stair workout video, and it looked pretty easy to me. So I ran over to the stairs behind the Lincoln and I started the work out, which consisted of jumping on one leg up the stairs sideways, jumping on the other leg up the stairs sideways, running up by skipping two steps, and jump squating up and skipping three steps (which we did twice for one rep of 5 motions). Yep, I was done after round one.

2. @misstambam82 is also a great resource for work outs.  She tends to stick more to muscle isolation exercises and posts machines/free weight motions to do to target one muscle group. For instance, she’ll post an entire work out for just biceps, or one for just chest. She does not do as many videos as @censkiii, but she always leaves details in the comments. She also does a lot of cardio and posts interval workouts for the treadmill. The only negative is that about 90% of the photos are her in her underwear and sportsbra, but you have to click through them to find out where she has hidden the workouts.

3. @kayla_itsines provides a great balance of video work outs and written work outs, like the one pictured above. She also posts a lot of inspiring photos and a few food recipes.

The best SMOOTHIE page:

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@yourdailyshake is an awesome resource to find all different types of smoothie recipes! They literally all look delicious. It’s a great way to use all of your overripe fruit that you’ve been freezing and as well as a fun way to incorporate fruits into your diet. This page is always posting new recipes, whether they be pure fruit, coffee based, or even some with chocolate. They also have protein shake recipes as well. Definitely take a moment to check out this page if you get a chance!

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Other great food pages:

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@fitness_dishes, @sammybfit, @missk_j6 all offer an array of different recipes to try, such as: protein peanutbutter-pumpkin cupcakes, confetti cake pancakes, avocado cream stuffed chicken, lemon blueberry mugcake, and vegetable pasta. All of their recipes will be relatively “clean,” meaning no preservatives and no foods with an ingredient list difficult to pronounce. While some of them may seem complicated, many recipes require limited ingredients and are really easy to make

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9 thoughts on “Instagram Fitspiration

  1. This is so great – @yourdailyshake is so amazing, I just followed them after reading this and I’m so excited to try one of the shakes for breakfast tomorrow! Thanks for sharing.

  2. seadwarf says:

    I don’t follow any of those instagram pages, but maybe I should. The food looks amazing!

  3. huangtonsoup says:

    this is perfect timing for me! check out my new post on turning myself around

  4. Kirstie M. says:

    I am going to follow them right now!! I really wanted to show my routine workout but I didn’t really know what to look for. The food looks delicious!

  5. ekt1991 says:

    Pinterest is also a great source to find workout tips and tricks! But Instagram is great as well

  6. This is such a great idea!! I never thought to follow fitness gurus on Instagram. I am actually going to do this now so I will get some new workout ideas and vary my workout a little bit. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Reblogged this on Creating Angie and commented:
    This picture speaks the truth!

  8. joshsperlman says:

    I still don’t have an Instagram account, but this makes me want to get one!

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