Healthy Cooking: Guilt Free Cookies

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This weekend I made guilt free soft batch banana coconut oat cookies with chocolate chips, inspired by @nikiadyson. These were the easiest cookies to make: they required only six ingredients, limited cooking time, and tasted delicious. I made these to eat as a snack throughout the day as well as post work out.  Continue reading

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Lerner Health & Wellness (GW University Gym)



If you’re a student, then you definitely have some sort of access to a university fitness center. At GW, I think we have one of the best gyms around (but then again maybe my perspective is a little narrow because I can only compare it to my basement makeshift gym at home…)

LernerLerner Health And Wellness Center, or more commonly known amongst students as HelWell, is a great option for fitness if you can beat the crowds. I personally hate working out when there’s a lot of people I know at the gym, so I prefer to go before 8am which guarantees a decently small crowd. Crowds pick up around 9am, fluctuate, and peak after the work day.

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Yoga on a Student Budget


One of the biggest struggles I have as a student trying to stay in shape is budgeting in the classes. Gym memberships, studio fees, and even the buy at home equipment/DVD’s can get really costly! When it comes to specials, Groupons, LivingSocials, discount-whatevers, I always try to take advantage of them. In addition, a lot of studios (especially yoga studios!) offer new member specials as well as student discount prices on single classes and package rates.

So, with that being said, I love rotating around yoga studios when I find an intro special (some are free!) and try to save money. Another plus is that this is a great idea when on vacation–my family rented a house in New Jersey for a week last summer, and I found a yoga studio that offered a $15 unlimited week for new students. If you live in a huge city like DC, there are tons of yoga studios to take advantage of!

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A Review: The Blue Print Cleanse


Let’s talk about juicing! So this summer I completed the Blue Print Cleanse–a three day cleanse consisting of six juices. All you have to do is drink the juices in order, whenever you want, and you can have as much water and tea in between. Blue Print offers three different levels of cleans-iness: renovation, foundation, and excavation (I opted for the intermediate.) So I logged onto, ordered one for me, my mom, and my sister, and voila! We were juicing by the end of the week.  Continue reading

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Let the Gains Begin


My name is Julia and I am a senior at The George Washington University. I am a biology major, future (fingers-crossed) doctor, sorority gal, world-traveler, Nutella addict, Game of Thrones fanatic, yogi master, and most importantly I am a health curious student.

First let’s get this straight…I don’t pretend that I run a half marathon each day and bench press 150 lbs at the gym without breaking a sweat. I don’t guzzle muscle milk and beef up on protein for each meal nor do I count calories or macros. I’m not trying to shrink eight dress sizes and I’m not trying to build muscles that could enter me into a body building competition. Being healthy just makes me happy! And every gain I make physically and mentally is an added benefit.

So to start off this blog, I’d first like to explain why I have become more cognizant of my health recently.

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