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A Lifestyle, Not a Diet


I’ve been using the blog to promote a fitter lifestyle: healthy food tips,  work out classes on a budget,  the science behind certain excercise routines, etc. I rarely use the word “diet,” because I believe all diets are fads and inefficient at obtaining (and maintaining) the goals your mind and body want. Sure, there are lots of “magic” pills, master cleanses, and restricted eating plans that may help you lose the weight, but ultimately they can be ineffective and often times make you miserable. You have to be happy with yourself first, and then the gains will begin.

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Instagram Fitspiration

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One of the greatest motivations for me to work out and eat healthy is actually social media! Instagram to be precise. I often find myself looking at “fitspiration” pages of people in killer shape, as well as food insta’s that show the most delicious looking smoothies and snacks. Normally, if I look long enough, sometimes it even causes me to go to the gym or bake something healthy. While no calories are burned from scrolling and “liking,” it still keeps me in the right mindset. If anyone wants to follow some of my favorite fitspo pages, here is a guide to a few of my favorites!

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