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Yoga: The Art of Transformation

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This weekend my boyfriend surprised me with a surprise date to the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery to go and check out the newly opened (limited time!) yoga exhibit called “The Art of Transformation.” I’m an avid yogi currently practicing at Corepower Yoga (check out my past yoga blog here) but I do not know much about the history of yoga or its prominent relevance to Indian culture.

“The origins of Yoga: The strongest evidence for the emergence of yogic techniques and goals dates to between the fifth and third centuries BC. In northern India men and women seeking to transcend suffering renounced society to devote themselves to meditation and austerities. Building on the tenets of the Vedas, the primary texts of orthopedic Hinduism, these renounces shared a belief in the samsara (the perpetual cycle of inherently painful lives) and in the idea that actions produce results (karma.)  Upon attaining omniscience they became enlightened, blissfully released from samsara.”

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